Taking Control

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Ongoing commission for home loan referrals! Real Easy: Create a video that directs customers to us for a refinance of their current home loan. We will pay you both an ongoing and upfront commission for the referral. As an example, if a client were to refinance their $400,000 mortgage with us, you would receive an $880.00 up front commission and then $4.00 per month ongoing for the life of the loan. This works out to be 0.22% of the loan amount upfront, and then 0.001% of the loan per month as an ongoing commission. We have uploaded some information books you can use for information to assist in the creating of your video OR to send to a database you may have. Add the contact us landing page to your video so your clients can reach out directly and we can assist from the get go. All the while your referral is being tracked for you by the software. We have multiple lenders on our panel that mean we can provide a solution for all clients, no matter their circumstances. This includes assisting clients consolidating debt where possible, and clients with a not so perfect history. We have a focus on attaining the best outcomes for our clients and look to get them the best rate and service possible. All customed to their needs. With refinance rates as low as 6.09% (current as of 10/4/2024) - we are sure we can get you into a better product and help you save. A formal agreement will need to be entered by law for you to receive the ongoing commission, but this can be set up once your first referral comes through. There is a time lag from enquiry to settlement (circa 60 days) - however the value of the commission assist with the value here. Please feel free reach out with queries or concerns at [email protected] where we always look to help clients Take Control of their finances.

0.22% of loan amount upfront and 0.001% per month trail commission for life of loan