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We're an online language company that specializes in the connection of native Spanish-speaking tutors from Central America with students.

You’ll earn 50% of the profit we make for every person you send our way.


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Did you know that 85% of your child's brain is formed by age 3? Start your Montessori Journey today! Receive user-friendly instructions, printables and DIY options using materials that you have at home. Enabling you to create a Montessori environment, in just three easy steps.

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Learn Safari

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Our app helps children learn, practice and love Spanish. We offer a 15% discount code for users and a 15% commission to our affiliates.


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We seek alliances with individuals, SMEs, companies, organizations or associations for a call to action on environmental social responsibility. Take a journey with us to a non-hierarchical, self-paced, self-learned & self-managed eco-activities starting with the virtual eco-education of children ages 4-6 and 7-11 years old; in unison with global volunteers. Your voluntary participation will bring more meaning and best appreciated if you can refer & earn by promoting & selling our collectable certificates for eco-education learned. It comes w/ eco-educational materials as FREEBIES for kids & adults. Join Our Affiliate Program – your very own store!

Collectible Eco-Educational Certificates pay 20% commission for direct sales plus 5% for 2nd tier/level sales. Dropship Products pay 10% commission for direct sales plus 5% for 2nd tier/level sales.

Alpha IQ

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WE’D LOVE YOU TO JOIN OUR AFFILIATE TEAM! The Alpha IQ is an E-university that tutors men on the art and intelligence of attraction, so we’d much rather reward real people than pay for big old Facebook ads. We’ve created a program that pays you for helping your fans, friends, and family invest in their social relationships up to 25% commission! For just $9.99 a month students of the Alpha IQ program will have access to the most comprehensive Ph.D. approved curriculum in the ‘P.U.A’ vertical. An education that will soon have them entering every social situation with confidence, sparking attraction and leaving with the girl of their dreams. It’s simple to join the affiliate program so you can start to earn additional revenue for your business! We provide the tools you need to recommend our product, including a dedicated team and a user-friendly platform. We appreciate you and your interest in joining our affiliate program!

25% of the sale