OSI Affiliate Software

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Easy-to-use affiliate software that makes it easy to recruit and empower affiliates and influencers to promote your brand. Refer businesses to Omnistar and earn a 20% monthly recurring commission. Join today to grow your revenue with one of the leading affiliate software platforms.

20% Monthly Recurring Commission


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We are a "Done For You Affiliate Marketing Agency". We'll pay you $250 per sale. We do all of the selling for you. We'll teach you to generate free leads on TikTok. Then point them to our sales video through your affiliate link and you'll get paid for each sale.

School of Worklife

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My books represent my work as a WorkLife Learning Practitioner. Since 2003 I’ve helped people manage, develop and transition their WorkLives in good times and times of change and uncertainty. I’ve achieved this by creating resources that enable people to self-manage their own individual learning needs, through self-coaching, self-directing and self-leadership. As a WorkLife Learning Practitioner and Writer, my work has grown entirely because of organic word of mouth referrals. If you believe my books would be helpful to people you know, I would appreciate it if you would help to share my work. You can do this by clicking the link below to join the School Of WorkLife Affiliate Programme. You will receive a 20% commission on each book sold via your affiliate link; as a thank you for helping me to continue to help people live their best WorkLife, by achieving what is important to them in their WorkLife long learning.

20% of the sale


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2 Programs: NFT Collectors (Buyers) For every referred and verified NFT purchase from this program, the referrer will receive $2. When the NFT is purchased, have the buyer post their Metamask Purchase Confirmation: https://www.reddit.com/r/NFTsAdValorem/ NFT Minters (Sellers) For every referred and verified NFT Minter from this program, the referrer will receive $1. When the NFT is Minted, have the Minter post their live listing on: https://www.reddit.com/r/NFTsAdValorem/

NFT Collectors (Buyers) - Referral Receives $2, NFT Minters (Sellers) - Referral Receives $1

Arena Group Trading (PTY) LTD

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We have all tractors and farm implements available for sale

10% per sales