• Credit Repair

Chances are, if you’ve visited a finance article in the last couple of years, then you’ve probably seen offers and promotions listed by Bankrate. Why? Because they’re a market leader and platform to find a mortgage, personal, and auto loans, CD/savings rates, and credit card offers. The site, outside its services, provides a wealth of financial information to help users overcome their money woes, plan for the future, or get into investing.

45% Rev-Share Commission


  • Credit Repair

MyFICO is one of the leading providers of FICO® scores on the Web. On the site, members can not only get their FICO scores but also monitor outgoing credit reports or grab their one-time credit reports.

$5 Flat, $10 Sales, $100 Premium Commission

American Debt Enders

  • Credit Repair

American Debt Enders is a for-profit company offering a one-stop for debt relief. The ADE service provides personal debt management, a debt dispute program, payday loan relief, and free bankruptcy consultation through its online and personal services.

Variable ($10 - $150) Commission


  • Credit Repair

TransUnion is one three, major credit reporting agencies in the United States. This brand, alongside Equifax, Experian, and FICO, are the go-to source for pulling credit scores, checking reports, getting a credit freeze, and/or understanding credit.

Debt Consolidation Care

  • Credit Repair

Debt Consolidation Care is a combination debt relief community and referral service. They operate as a community aimed to help people take control of their finances while referring users to accredit debt consolidation services. It’s a system like those lawyer referral services you hear on the radio.

$20 (Lead), $60 Sign Up Bonus, 10% of Trailing Fees Commission