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We offer complete LED lighting kits that are lightweight, energy efficient and very affordable. All of our kits come with an industry leading 2 year Warranty. Check out our site and the various and price points that we offer!

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Shuttle Planet

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Shuttle Planet offers safe and comfortable long-distance travel across the planet. Since its founding in 2016, Shuttle Planet has created the largest transport network of over 400 ground carriers, covering all countries and serving thousands of passengers. Join the Shuttle Planet affiliate program, if your project is focused on English speaking traffic. Sales made by publishers will be rewarded with a commission equal to 5% of the order value. For its attribution, Shuttle Planet considers the complete customer journey (within each transaction and across all transactions by a customer). The attribution considers all touchpoints leading to a conversion as well as the contribution to future orders. Publishers are therefore not only rewarded for their touchpoints in one single transaction but may also be rewarded for future ones. Sales attribution: You earn commissions from every purchase users make: On the desktop version of the website On the mobile version of the website Features: Tickets starting at $4.99 on the most extensive bus and train network worldwide. Free Wi-Fi onboard Extra legroom Charging ports E-ticketing Onboard entertainment Carry-on and stowed luggage Languages: English (Great Britain) Geotargeting: Worldwide Tools: Links generator, Links, Banners Cookie lifetime: 90 days In as little as 3 minutes you can help your customers reach your or anyone else's establishment or venue the way they want to. For each successful purchase made by customers you referred, we will give you 40% (5% of the total price) of our commission on purchases of shared transportation (15 to 50USD), private transportation (50 to 150USD), and vehicle rentals (100 to 500USD).

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iFly Travel Affiliate

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Unlock a world of travel and become your family hero all at once. Be the Travel Agent everyone needs! Enjoy a "work perk" that will bring you great joy and fulfillment! Simply share your travel link so everyone can benefit and start earning extra $$$ when the bookings come in! Your family and friends will never have to overpay for flights again!! At iFly we believe that to travel is to live. By providing your family and friends with your travel agency link they can enjoy a healthier, happier life and they will thank you for it! Help your friends, join today! 😎 https://iflytravelaffiliate.com.au/

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Pavashot offers a revolutionary solution to self-defense. We aim to give civilians a sense of security with our all-new non-lethal products. Our advanced designs allow our products to deliver the purest form of Pava/Capsaicin irritant. This ensures maximum effect to incapacitate the target.

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