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Make a difference in the lives of at-risk women and children and earn commission on every sale! Earthen Vessel is a Southern California based apparel company with a heart for people and a passion for creation. Our roots have been fortified by the adventure found in our oceans, mountains and deserts. Our connection with these places and similar elemental construction defines our aesthetic. We move in these mediums, the chosen craft only being a vehicle to experience the ride, whether it be your feet, fiber glass, plywood deck, or wheels. Our brand reflects a lifestyle inspired by creation and anchored in faith. Earthen Vessel was forged with a mission and purpose, to be filled with light and pour light back into an increasingly dark world. This world is not our home, we are traveling through, we are Exiles and Sojourners....but while we are here we will be filled with and pour light into this world.

IV Wears

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We are looking for influencers and affiliates who can help us promote and sell our products. In return we will give a 15% commission on all sales made aswel as products send your way. Ivwears is a brand that sells beachwear. We just started out as a company so we have a long way to go. However we believe that with your help we can make this a great success. We believe that a great partnership between you and us can make us both benefit greatly.

15% commission on your sales and new products over time


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Program highlights You’ll earn a 5% Commission on all sales for every person you send our way. From our affiliate dashboard you will be able to keep track of clicks, referred sales and commissions earned. We will give you all the resources you need to succeed including promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager. You’ll get commissions paid out weekly.

5% Commission for ANY SALE!!!!

Love & Stand

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Faith based Apparel, refer your friends and family and Earn 10% commission per sale.

Smart Bride

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Help grow our business while give your followers/audience a great option in buying their dream wedding dress for less!