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50% commission of total sale equaling a sum of $2500.00 USD for affiliate marketers who desire to sell my Rose Power bag.


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I hope this letter finds you well. I am reaching out to you on behalf of OAKED, an organization dedicated to promoting kindness and making a positive difference in the world. We have been inspired by your work and believe that partnering with you as an affiliate can amplify our impact together. At OAKED, we understand the value of building strong relationships with like-minded individuals and businesses. We are excited to extend an invitation to you to join our Affiliate Program, where you can earn commissions while spreading kindness. As an affiliate, you will receive a unique personal code that you can share with your audience and network. This code will offer a generous 20% discount to anyone who uses it to make a purchase from our website. Additionally, for every sale made using your personal code, you will earn a commission of 10% of the total sale amount. Here are a few reasons why partnering with us as an affiliate is an excellent opportunity: Meaningful Impact: By promoting our products and services, you are actively contributing to the spread of kindness and making a positive impact on individuals and communities. Generous Rewards: You will receive a 20% discount code to share, enticing your audience to engage with our offerings. Moreover, for each sale made using your code, you will earn a commission of 10% of the total sale amount. High-Quality Products: Our range of products is carefully curated, designed to inspire and empower individuals to incorporate acts of kindness into their daily lives. You can confidently promote our products, knowing that they are aligned with your values. Marketing Support: We provide our affiliates with marketing materials, including banners, social media graphics, and promotional content, to assist you in effectively promoting our brand and products. Ongoing Partnership: We value our affiliates and seek to build a long-term partnership. We will provide regular updates, performance reports, and support to ensure your success as an affiliate. We believe that together, we can make a significant impact and spread kindness on a broader scale. Join us as an affiliate and be part of a movement that aims to create a more compassionate and caring world. Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you and working together to make a difference.

10% of sales plus 20% personal code


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10% commission on all sales

Vanessa Aegirsdottir

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We're a handcrafted jewelry business that is Indigenous owned and woman led. Our award-winning, signature line of wild fur jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Esquire, and Forbes magazines. We work in partnership with Indigenous communities to promote and protect the centuries-old practice of fur harvesting by blending ethics, glamour, sustainability, and beauty. We're so excited for you to join us.

Humane Habits

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Our mission as a brand is more than mere focus: it is heartbeats synchronizing into a harmonious rhythm that reverberates with the call for transformation – a transformation that is driven to shape our shared world into a brighter panorama. What we are set out to make is not just a ripple, but a wave of powerful, life-altering change. We envision making an indelible, positive impression on countless lives, etching an unforgettable mark of compassion, love, and positivity We are deeply committed to revealing opportunities for additional income—a beacon in the complex maze of balancing passion with financial fulfilment. We recognize that all too often, the heart's desires and the financial reality may be on different paths. Yet, we firmly believe that these paths need not be parallel, and we strive to merge them, enhancing the lives of those we touch. Our brand's happiness isn't derived from numbers or data—it blooms from the smiles we can inspire, the burdens we can lighten. If we can plant a seed of positivity in your life, enriching it in a manner beyond the mere financial, then we are not just content—we are elated, fulfilled, and validated. We join you on your journey, your aspirations becoming our guiding beacon to create a world where dreams and reality dance gracefully together, unyoked by financial constraints. We will give you a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful affiliate with us. If you are ready to be rewarded for being you!

10% of the sale