101 CBD

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Post minimum of 3 posts a month, using our marketing materials combined with your own personal experiences and earn $50 CBD Bucks Monthly to spend in our store for products. Your CBD Bucks will expire after 90 days of you receiving them (so you can save them up for even greater spending power). You will also receive a customized code to share with family and friends to save 25% in our store!

$50 CBD Bucks to spend in our store monthly

Monarch Life Sciences

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Become a 'CBD Agent' helping us promote the most advanced CBD and Cannabinoid delivery systems on the market. Utilizing proprietary aerosol technology and formulations to deliver premium CBD to customers at the best overall value.

15%-20% of net sales

Herbal Ice

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Earn 30% commission for every sale! CBD is a huge market but Herbal Ice is more than hemp, and half the price! Affordable, effective pain relief that uses Traditional Chinese Herbs with hemp oil for maximum pain relief! Made by a licensed herbalist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine who specializes in Orthopedics.

30% of the sale


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Our range of innovative cooling products combine the benefits of rapid cooling and compression in an affordable and portable package. They’re clinically proven to outperform ice in the reduction of swelling and inflammation. We want to get people moving again, whether they’re an athlete, recovering from surgery, suffering from arthritis, or just somebody who’s tweaked a muscle. Our products are backed by science and used in NHS hospitals, so people can have confidence that they’re buying a product that really works. Our products use specially designed cooling technology to help people recover from joint and muscle injuries. They rapidly draw heat out of an injury, reducing swelling and pain, while promoting blood flow into the injury and speeding up recovery. Our cooling products require no refrigeration and work instantly, which means people can use them anywhere.


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Well Choices provides health and nutrition video coaching with certified health coaches; to lose body fat, gain muscle, & live healthier.

10% Monthly Recurring Commission