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Earn over 50% of each sale of our popular Women's Self Defense Course. Thousands of students and hundreds of dvds already sold on Amazon with highly rated reviews. Our target audience is women aged from teens to mature. Mothers in particular have converted well. The creators are a husband and wife team. Richie Smyth grew up in the projects and has studied both martial arts and practical street fighting for over 40 years. He is also a former cage fighter. His wife Tracy was the victim of a brutal assault and his best tester for the simple techniques both of them share. A popular aspect that makes this product stand out is the in depth instruction on avoidance and prevention of getting attacked at all. A very good lesson not widely taught in the self defense niche. We will provide any support necessary to help you succeed. We appreciate you being on our team.

$15 Per Sale


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Dr. Harvey Ashmead is known world-wide for the stabilization of penicillin during WWII. He is also the master mind behind the minerals offered by Life Zone® and the chemistry behind infant formulas and protein fortified drinks. During World War II, Dr. Ashmead, who at the time was the head compound pharmacist at Bushnell Hospital, couldn’t help but observe that the allied wounded soldiers were malnourished and in many cases unable to eat due to war related injuries. With the soldiers as his inspiration, he went to work and created the first formula for protein fortified drinks to assist the soldiers’ bodies in rebuilding themselves.

10% of direct sales and 5% of your 1st line recruits' sales